Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

Since the unofficial launch of our website in late 2010, the number of visitors to has been steadily increasing, and today we have become a leading online destination for foreign and local companies alike. is currently generating close to 10,000 pageviews per month from an ever increasing number of highly motivated visitors from all over the world. Our Corporate Asia themed website is an ideal platform to showcase your company’s products and services, and is targeted to potential B2B and B2C buyers looking to the Asia region for products and services. These motivated buyers may include foreign and local businesses, investors, entrepreneurs or retail customers.

Our application of direct navigational technologies utilizing our valuable portfolio of corporate Asia related domain names as well as our recent acquisitions of innovative Asian startups such as Companies China ( and TW Network ( have increased traffic flow and visits to our website significantly since up to 20% of all internet users type in what they are looking for in the form of a domain name.

Sponsorship Opportunities offers many ways to strengthen your brand and to communicate your message to a highly motivated and targeted group of visitors. We offer sponsorship opportunities available as follows:
1. Banner Advertising (sitewide or on targeted sections)
2. Featured Company Sponsorship
3. Targeted Ads Within Our Ad Network

Ad buys are sold on 1-month periods, usually for a minimum period of 3 months unless otherwise indicated; no ads rotation on the same space; purchase can be made using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

300×250 Premium Ad Sponsorship

The 300×250 Ad units are available sitewide (on the homepage & all other pages of this website).  This is a Premium Ad spot and we are currently offering only limited spots on our website.  This sought after Premium Ad spot (sitewide) is US$1,000 per month and a minimum of 3-month commitment is required.  Long term sponsorship discount is available, please contact us via for details and availability.

The maximum initial download fileweight for the banner is 30K.  JPEG file or Gif animation is allowed, but Flash animation is not allowed.

Advertising Period

468×60 Featured Stories / Article Post Ad Sponsorship

The 468×60 banner ad units are available on featured stories / article post pages. Many pages with different news topics are available, please check our website for different article pages to select the one you would like to place the ad. For example, some of the Featured Article pages available include: The 3 Best Emerging Cities For Starting A Business In China; Pepsi Really Means Cola In India, etc.

The 468×60 ad appears on the bottom of a news article post, selected by advertisers on a first come basis. Pricing for the unit is US$250 for a 1-month period for each available article.

If you are interested in securing this sponsorship ad, email your ad (as an attached JPEG/GIF image), ad location of your choice (provided that it is available), and your company’s web address (or ad url) to, and pay using the Buy Now button below. Please note that you can pay using PayPal, or credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Advertising Period

Corporate Spotlight / Featured Company Sponsorship

Receive exposure and generate Goodwill as the Featured Company on the homepage. Extremely effective way to strengthen your company brand and to familiarize your customers to your business. Pricing starts at US$2,000 per feature spotlight.  Send information about your company and related service/product, as well as your preferred period of publication, 1 to 2 images (jpeg format, no larger than 25K each) for display. reserves the right to accept or reject your application. Once approved, you will be notified of payment details. will then proceed to publish an objective profile of your company after we have received your payment.  Please contact us ( for pricing details and publishing options.

** All pricing and rates are subject to change without prior notice.

*** Please note that K & D Development Inc., an affiliate of, handles all payment details from our advertising clients. As such, the name “K & D Development Inc.” will appear on your credit card statement in regards to your ad purchases.