About Us

Companies.asia, as our name and premium brand suggests, is the ultimate business consultancy for corporate Asia. Through our collaboration with industry leaders from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, as well as our recent acquisitions of innovative Asian startups such as Companies China (Companies.cn) and TW Network (Companies.tw), Companies2 ThinkLab (Companies2.com), Companies.asia has become a leading management consulting firm with top level expertise in technology applications, analytics, marketing and strategy consulting.

Our Companies.asia website offers relevant and timely articles on business events & issues, 24-hour live feeds from our business news  partners, as well as insights and strategies for doing business in Asia. Our consulting services include Companies 2 Certification certified Industry & Market Research, Corporate Analysis & Profiling, project management, and Strategy Consulting.

Companies.asia is developed and managed by iConsultants Global Business Solutions Inc. (iConsultants GBSI), a transnational management consulting firm with consulting offices in Vancouver, New York, Tokyo, London and Hong Kong, as well as a network of affiliates located throughout Asia and the world. iConsultants provides its corporate clients with a wide range of services which include strategic consulting, brand management, innovative e-commerce solutions, integrated marketing services, corporate imaging and internet properties management. iConsultants GBSI aggressively pursues growth opportunities and has acquired majority stakes in many startup companies in Asia and in North America.

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